My Pet application is the ultimate pet record maker for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Record your pets, create medical record, track medical incidents, record weight & height, allergies, medications, parasite exams, physical exams, expenses & more. Create notifications, notes (memos), detailed vet contacts, track training progress, feeding, grooming & much more!
Also My Pet provides useful information about first aid conditions, diseases and conditions, tips and advice for the daily care of your pets and useful tools.    


Core Features

* Record useful information about your pets (record your pets) 
* Multiple pets support
* Create photo and video albums of your pets. 
* Create document libraries for your pets.
* Create pet's medical record (vaccinations, treatments, fecal exams, physical exams and more) 
* Record important medical incidents and assign medical records 
* Track medications
* Insert the results of your pet's diagnostic exams
* Create useful contacts concerning veterinarians, trainers, groomers etc. 
* Create notifications and reminders 
* Create repeatable notifications
* Keep useful notes for your pets 
* Track expenses 
* Track weight, height and length
* Track blood glucose measurements
* Track insulin injections

* Track heat cycle and breeding 
* Track feeding 
* Grooming diary
* Track allergies 
* Training progress tracking
* Behavioral notes
* Walk tracking system
* Pedigree charts
* Send pet's short info (profile) or entire medical record using email 
* Post or browse classifieds for pets. 
* Connection with The Pet Rescue for lost and found classifieds (the largest network network of Veterinarians, Shelters, Rescue Groups and pet lovers) 
* Track insurance information about your pets
* Create and share boarding info and emergency files in html or pdf format.

Other Features

* First aid conditions (some cases include video)
* Pet care (feeding and grooming information, household hazards)
* Health and fitness tips
* Diseases and conditions catalog (requires Internet connection)
* Symptom checker for dogs and cats
* Physical exam checklist
* Miscellaneous tips and advices
* Vet finder in US (in over 8500 records)
* Locate a nearby vet clinic (only for U.S)
* Dog parks in US (over 650 records)
* Dog parks in Canada (over 450 records)
* Pet names catalog (over 3000 names)
* Detailed canine and feline breed list
* Dog and cat breed compare tool
* Miscellaneous tools for dog owners (chocolate toxicity meter, dog's ideal weight calculator, dog food calculator, kitten weight chart and age calculator)
* Growth map for dogs and cats
* Body Condition Score
* RSS Feeds
* First aid kit contents
* Emergency or boarding info file creator
* Lifespan calculator for dogs and cats

Get My Pet

My Pet is available on Apple Store for download for iPhone, iPod & iPad devices.

  The ideally tool for pet owners, vets, breeders & pet associated professionals
 Easy to use! Well organized, fully customisable to suite the user needs
Regular updates & improvements!
Vets, professionals, farms, breeders, trainers, groomers & owners use My Pet!

  Current Version: 4.4

What's new in latest version
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The Pet Rescue is offering its service Active Premium Service,a 50% discount if purchased within 3 days from the purchase and activation of the My Pet.
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