My Pet application is the ultimate pet record maker. The ideal tool for pet owners, vets, breeders and pet associated professionals. Record your pets, create medical record, track: incidents, vitals  (weight, height, length, temperature), medications, physical exams, parasite exams, heat cycles, breedings, allergies, expenses, feedings, training, grooming, walks  and much more! Collaborate with your vet by sharing or uploading the records in My Pet cloud. Create notifications, reminders, notes, detailed vet and pet professionals contacts and much more!
My Pet provides useful information about first aid conditions, diseases and conditions, tips and advice for the daily care of your pets and useful tools. Also My Pet supports extended customisation to suite the user needs.  Click here to view a complete list with features.

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My Pet is available on Apple Store for iPhone, iPod & iPad devices.

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Access your uploaded pet records using a web browser anytime from anywhere!

Medical Record

Record medical issues and events, incidents, vaccinations, dewormings, parasite exams, physical exams, diagnostic exams, allergies, vitals (height, weight, temperature), heat cycle, breeding, titer test & diabetes tracking module. View timelines, create rich reports, reminders, alerts and browse records easily.


First aid info, diseases & conditions, normal values, symptom checker, vaccinations info, vaccinations schedule. Tips and advice for the care of your pet, tips for grooming, feeding, bedding, fitness & training. Dog & cat breed lists, useful tools and calculators, vet finder (for US), park dog finder (for US & Canada), online articles, rss, recalls & more!


Synchronize between devices, database backup, upload data & access them anytime from anywhere using a web browser, collaborate & share with your vet. Create detailed contacts, keep useful notes, create pedigrees, track expenses, grooming, feedings, walks, training progress, behavior & more!

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Users Reviews

I Love the app!

I have two dogs and keeping their records on paper is hard. We travel and having all the records on my phone for vets, grooming and other things is great. I love that you can email information to care givers of the fur babies. Both my fur babies have allergies. I now tell every fur baby parent this is a You Gotta have app!!


I love this app!

I have never reviewed an app...EVER...However, this one is worth my time to do so! It is very helpful! I can keep all my litter records on my phone and print directly from it to give new puppy owners their puppy’s records. In lieu of printing, I can also email them the data. Very well put together and thought out app!


Oh so useful.... Love it!

I really love this app. I can store absolutely everything I need to in it and can share it with all my mobile devices & upload it for web access. A little tricky to set up synchronisation but once done it's easy to use. Default databases are American but you can create your own custom lists. Try it, it's great!


Are you vet or pet associated professional?

My Pet enables users to collaborate with their veterinarian using Web Access Portal. By registering, your customers (people which use My Pet application in their mobile devices) may search for you and grant you access to their uploaded (in Web Access Portal) medical records. You can access the uploaded records using a web browser anytime from anywhere entirely free!

  • Register for free! No extra or hidden fees or charges! We just want your lovely patients use My Pet.