Web Access is a portal which we created, in order to allow our users to upload the records of their pets on the web and access them from anywhere, anytime using a web browser.

Web Access is very useful in cases where a veterinarian needs access to a pet's medical record. The owner must upload the desired records in Web Access and give the veterinarian the permissions to access the data. Web Access also provides an alternative layout to view your pet's data.

Who can use Web Access?

  • The pet owner can use Web Access to access the uploaded data using a web browser anytime from anywhere.
  • The registered veterinarian may use Web Access to view his/her “customer’s“ uploaded data.

    Important! The veterinarian must be authorized by pet owner in order access and view the uploaded content.

Upload data in Web Access (using a My Pet App)

Go to Synchronization option and select Upload on Web (Web Access). The Web Access screen is divided in two (2) parts, the information section and the actions section.

In the information section you can see the following information:
- Last upload date.
- The unique username (owner id) which will be used for login in Web Access page.
- The password (4 digits) which will be used for login in Web Access page.
- The Web Access url (the url which be used for access.


To upload data for Web Access tap in Upload Data to Cloud in Actions section. (Note! Internet connection is required).


On the next screen select the pets and theirs data for upload and tap the Upload Data on Cloud.

Browse pet records (using a web browser)

Open a web browser and go in My Pet website (https://mypet.com.gr). Click on the button: Login Web Access.


On Web Access web page using the username and password supplied by My Pet application.

The username and password for Web Access log in are unique and supplied by My Pet application.

Note! Username is case sensitive!

After successful log in, select the desired pet from the list (at left of the page) and browse its records. The latest version of Web Access enables the user to print the records.


Tip: You can send your credentials (username and password) to your veterinarian in order to have access to your pets records.

 Web Access Portal

Access your uploaded pet records using a web browser anytime from anywhere!


  Current Version: 4.4

What's new in latest version
Contact us via email: mypet@mindit.gr or using the contact us form



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