The pet owner must grant permissions to his/her veterinarian to view the uploaded (via MyPet application) content into Web Access. The veterinarian may use a web browser to login to Web Access and access his/her customer's data.

Step 1 - Veterinarian (Registration with My Pet)

The veterinarian must register with My Pet for free (No fees or charges - we just want your customers use My Pet as pet record keeper) .

Open a web browser and navigate to address: Click the Register for Free button, insert some information (such as your name, email address and password) and complete the registration. The inserted mail address will be used as the username to login to Web Access page.

Step 2 - Pet Owner (Search for vet and grant access)

Find the registered vet using My Pet and Allow him for view your uploaded records

Important! Before search for your vet, you must upload records to My Pet Web Access.

In order for pet owner to give access to veterinarian to view the uploaded records must complete the following steps:

a. Tap in Synchronization Tab and select Sharing with your Vet option.
b. As Search Criteria insert your vet's email address or name (or a part of it) and search your vet in registered with My Pet vets.

c. In the results list find your vet and tap in Allow button to grant permissions.

d. Your vet will be able to view your pet's medical record which you uploaded to Web Access, using your device.

Step 3 - Veterinarian (Browse uploaded data)

Login into Web Access using his/her email address as username (Note! the veterinarian must check the option "I am Registered Veterinarian"). After a successful login, at the left side of Web Access main page, a list of pet owners will be appear. Select the desired owner and his/her pet list will be expanded automatically. Select the desired pet and view it's medical record.

Additionally: the vet may send (using Web Access) medical records, medications, fecal exams results, physical exams, weight and height records, notes and notifications to My Pet users (his customers).


Are you vet or pet associated professional?

My Pet enables users to collaborate with their veterinarian using Web Access. By registering, your customers (people which use My Pet application in their mobile devices) may search for you and grant you access to their uploaded (in Web Access Portal) medical records. You can access the uploaded records using a web browser anytime from anywhere!

Register for free! No extra or hidden fees or charges! We just want your patients use My Pet.

  Current Version: 4.4

What's new in latest version
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The Pet Rescue is offering its service Active Premium Service,a 50% discount if purchased within 3 days from the purchase and activation of the My Pet.
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