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 The last version (4.5) is published! Enjoy the new features!

Web Access updated! More elegant, more user friendly, more fast! Web Access portal is compatible with mobile devices.
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 The ideally tool for pet owners, vets, breeders & pet associated professionals

 Easy to use! Well organized, full customization to suite the user needs

Regular updates & improvements!

Vets, professionals, farms, breeders & owners use My Pet!


Are you vet or pet associated professional?

My Pet enables users to collaborate with their veterinarian using Web Access. By registering, your customers (people which use My Pet application in their mobile devices) may search for you and grant you access to their uploaded (in Web Access Portal) medical records. You can access the uploaded records using a web browser anytime from anywhere!

Register for free! No extra or hidden fees or charges! We just want your patients use My Pet. Before register read more.

Record: Pet's medical issues, incidents, vaccinations, dewormings, parasite exams, physical exams, allergies, weight & height, heat cycle and breeding. View timelines and browse by any criteria.
First aid information, diseases & conditions, normal values, symptom checker, vaccinations info, vaccinations schedule and more!
Multiple pets support, record your pets in detail, create notifications and alerts, contacts, keep useful notes, create pedigrees, track expenses, grooming, feedings, training, behavior & more!
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Tips and advice for the care of your pet, info and articles for the grooming, feeding, bedding, fitness & training. Dog and cat breed lists, useful tools and calculators, vet finder (for US), park dog finder (for US & Canada), online articles, rss feeds & more!
Synchronize between devices, database back up in My Pet cloud or in iCloud, upload data on our cloud and access them anytime from anywhere using a web browser, grant access your vet to view your pet's medical records. Create rich pdf or html documents and
Use your device's camera to scan the barcode below and install My Pet on your device.
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  Current Version: 4.5

What's new in latest version
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The Pet Rescue is offering its service Active Premium Service,a 50% discount if purchased within 3 days from the purchase and activation of the My Pet.
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12 Feb 2018
"Rest in Peace my best friend Victor.
Thank you for everything!"

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